Building Strength For A Lifetime Of Movement

We see fitness as a lifelong journey, and we aim to be your trusted partner in this journey, empowering you to lead a healthier and more active life.

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Core Programs

MW Personal Training

Personal Training

Embrace the power of individualized attention with our Personal Training at Movement Wins. This highly specialized program is tailored to meet your unique goals and requirements. It offers the flexibility to schedule workouts at your convenience, ensuring that your fitness journey aligns seamlessly with your daily routine. Our experienced trainers provide unparalleled one-on-one support and accountability, empowering you to conquer your fitness challenges with confidence.


MW Group Training

Group Classes

Join our small, personalized group classes, limited to 10 participants for maximum attention. Our coaches cater to individual needs while fostering a supportive community spirit. Experience the power of camaraderie as you reach new milestones in your fitness journey. Reach your fullest potential, one class at a time.


About Us

What We Do

At Movement Wins, we provide personal training and group training sessions, tailored to suit the needs of individuals at various stages of their fitness journey. Our programs are crafted with care, ensuring that it is adaptable to all fitness levels, ages, and abilities. Our strength lies in our ability to modify and scale exercises to suit individual abilities and goals, taking into account their unique physical conditions.

Our Environment

Our training environment is safe, friendly, and non-intimidating. We understand the anxieties that often come with stepping into a new fitness regime and strive to alleviate any intimidation. At Movement Wins, you will find coaches who are your guides, friends, and supporters, helping you navigate your fitness journey.

Our Special Focus

Dealing with injury and trying to get back into an exercise regime can be frustrating. We place a special emphasis on injury rehabilitation and prehab – an approach aimed at preventing injuries before they occur. Our skilled coaches are trained to address and alleviate physical discomforts and injuries, helping you regain strength and mobility. We strongly believe in building strength not just to achieve temporary fitness goals, but for a lifetime of movement.

Join Us

Embark on your fitness journey with Movement Wins – where we believe that every step towards health is a victory, and every movement indeed, wins. We don’t just train; we build strength for a lifetime of movement. Join us today!

What Our Members Say

Our Coaches

Joff Bunt


Joff Bunt brings over 15 years of extensive coaching experience, coupled with a deep understanding of sports performance and injury rehabilitation. As the founder of Movement Wins, Joff has successfully combined his passion for sports and his BSc (Hons) degree in Sports Performance and Coaching into a career that helps others reach their fitness goals. 
His unique approach focuses on strength training and injury rehabilitation, enabling his clients to recover from setbacks and redefine their limits. Joff’s dedication to health and fitness goes beyond training programs; it’s about fostering a lifestyle that prioritizes movement for long-term well-being.

Patrick Maye


Patrick Maye is a highly experienced and dedicated personal trainer originally from the UK. With many years of experience, Patrick is an expert in strength training, as well as injury rehabilitation and prevention. He takes great pride in helping his clients achieve their fitness goals and works with them to ensure they are doing the exercises correctly and safely. He has a friendly and motivating attitude that makes him popular among clients. Patrick also offers advice on nutrition and lifestyle changes that can have a positive impact on overall health. With his passion for helping others reach their full potential, Patrick is the perfect choice for anyone looking for help taking their fitness journey to the next level!

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