Motivating you to create Lifelong, Sustainable Habits by holding you Accountable to your Fitness Goals.

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  • Accountability For Your Fitness Goals
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What is the "Movement Wins Tracker"?

Understanding that you have the motivation to get your wellness journey started but sustaining that motivation and then converting it into long term lifestyle changes is where so many of us fail.

At Movement Wins, we believe that health is the cornerstone of every aspect of your life. 

Think about it, whenever you are not feeling 100% other aspects of your life suffer. Work, Focus, Eating Habits, and your Relationships are all affected.

With all this in mind, we set out to design the “MW Tracker“, using heart rate monitor integration we set a weekly goal and track your results. These results are then recorded on the “MW Tracker” board weekly.

At its core, the “MW Tracker” is about community, not competition. A community of like-minded individuals all looking to become a better version of themselves and motivating one another to achieve this.

The “MW Tracker” is for social athletes to individuals at the very start of their journey, holding you accountable to your goals, drive consistency in your movement week by week, and provide the motivation needed to create and sustain habits that last a lifetime.

“Motivation is what gets you started, habits keep you going”